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PageScout monitors your landing pages and alerts you when something goes wrong. Never miss an issue that impacts the success of your campaigns.

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With so many landing pages to look after

something always goes wrong

Landing page visualisation. Landing page visualisation.

The questions are

When do you find out about it?
How much money have you lost?

PageScout monitors everything important

Landing page availability.


Is the landing page available, is it redirecting or is it resulting in an error page?

Landing page security.


Is there a valid, correctly configured SSL certificate or an error stopping the user?

Landing page load time.

Load time

What is the load-time optimisation score and are there any negative changes?

Landing page tagging and tracking technologies.

Tracking technologies

Are there any of the tagging and tracking technologies added or removed?

Landing page content change.

Content change

Daily screenshots of both mobile and desktop pages to inform of any content changes.

Setup icon.

Easy setup

Manual upload for when landing pages don't change and integration with Google Ads for always up-to-date list of URLs to monitor.

Notifications icon.

Fast alerts

WhatsApp for critical issues. Email and Slack for the rest. So that you are always informed about all your landing pages.

A plan for everyone

$499/ m
$4,990/ y
Save $998 Less than $0.25$0.21 per URL Try for free Try for free
  • 2,000 URLs
  • 6 months of data
  • Hourly checks
  • Email, WhatsApp, webhook
$199/ m
$1,990/ y
Save $398 Less than $0.40$0.33 per URL Try for free Try for free
  • 500 URLs
  • 3 months of data
  • Hourly checks
  • Email, WhatsApp, webhook
$99/ m
$990/ y
Save $198 Less than $0.99$0.83 per URL Try for free Try for free
  • 100 URLs
  • 2 months of data
  • Daily checks
  • Email, WhatsApp
$29/ m
$290/ y
Save $58 Less than $1.45$1.21 per URL Try for free Try for free
  • 20 URLs
  • 1 month of data
  • Daily checks
  • Email

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Why it is important

Investment protection.

Improved ROI

Timely alerts will allow you to protect your valuable budget by not sending traffic to bad landing pages.

Reputation management.

Reputation management

Missing performance targets will jeopardize the relationship with stakeholders and the prospects of future business.

Data driven decisions.

Data-driven decisions

Take out the guesswork by being able to analyse every aspect of your performance campaigns.

Is PageScout right for you?

Report clipper.
  • Are you running paid media campaigns?
  • Are landing pages important to your campaign performance?
  • Do you want to get a 360 degree view of your campaign performance?
  • Do you want to minimize budget wastage?
  • Do you want to avoid unexplainable drops in performance?
  • Do you want to improve your campaign ROI?
If the answers are YES then you should use PageScout!

Words from our customers

Rating stars.
PageScout gives us that view that we have been always missing. We are constantly looking for ways how to improve the ROI of our activities and we don't want something like an issue on a landing page to hold us back.
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We're responsible for more than 30 clients and it's impossible to know what is happening with each of the landing pages. More than once we have been saved by PageScout alerts. It's now part of our must-have tools.
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Our clients expect us to deliver best results possible. On our biddable platforms we get early access to all the new features so we're always cutting edge. PageScout covers the other half of the equation.
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Get better ROI from your PPC

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